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A computer too beautiful to hide.

Computers accompany us throughout our life both at work and leisure. At home or office we usually put them under the desk or in a corner. We hide it, as it is neither beautiful nor matches with the rest of the decor.

We believe an object this full of power deserves an appropriate exterior. An exterior that not only fits harmoniously within its surroundings but goes so far as to enhance the aesthetical beauty of the entire environment. This is the idea of MOOD CUBE. A computer that is as equally striking in its elegant design as it is in powerful performance.

MOOD CUBE computer cases consist of individually selectable wood types or premium stainless steel. MOOD CUBE is crafted by our Swiss partners to MOOD CUBE’s personal specifications. In our atelier in Täuffelen (canton Bern) the MOOD CUBE is given its interior. We only use the newest and highest quality components. Each individual MOOD CUBE is entirely hand crafted to the finest Swiss precision.